28 October 2005

Keeping in Touch

Internet communications are getting better all the time with MSN Messenger and Skype.
MSN Messenger has the ability for text messaging, and if you have DSL/broadband also Video and Voice.
I find MSN Messenger better for text messaging and Video communication.
Skype is dedicated to very good voice communications with text messaging too. It can also be installed on Windows, Mac, Linux and Pocket PC. My clients are starting to use Skype as they can see when I am logged in, and if there is a problem it is a quick matter of either typing a message or calling via Skype. All at no cost! It doesn't matter if it is Lana's parents in their house next door or my clients in the US or distant parts of Australia.
Whilst we were in the US we used Skype to call Lana's sister in Canberra and I used it to communicate with clients in the US and Australia.
Email me if you want our Skype/MSN details.

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