22 October 2005

The General Store

Our local village is graced with one retail establishment - The General Store. It is also the post office, a branch office for one of the banks, video lending library, agent for most of the public utilities and sells the basics and lots of useful bits and pieces.
The mail is delivered here and then sorted into the relevant alphabet pigeon holes ready for the locals to drop in. Lana and her parents drop in during their morning walk and not only receive any mail, but also catch up what is happening of interest to the village.
The couple that run the store have lived in the village for many years and are a great example of Australian hospitality. When I popped in to pick up some mail, I was welcomed back with a hearty handshake and "G'day David. Good ta see ya back, mate!"
As you can see, the front windows are almost completely filled with notices for anything from the train timetable, local offers of employment, notices from the fire brigade and school events.
The red box at the front is the post office box. All mail is either handed in at the store when it is open, or posted in the post box. Even where deliveries are made, postal employees do NOT pick up mail left in your own mailbox. They just deliver the mail Monday to Friday. In the US the postal workers pick up mail left in your own mail box and deliver Monday to Saturday.

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