14 October 2005

The Gathering

The word has passed around. Our house feeds birds!
In this photo you can see the King Parrots, a Crimson Rosella on the ground and Pink and Grey Gallahs on the feeder and in the air.
Lana's dad made the feeder from excess timber left over from our deck and the base of an old washing basket. The grooves left over by the basket sides make a great perch for the birds.
Some of the birds are quite cheeky. They even wander into the house demanding their breakfast! Still, feeding them from the hand is an acquired skill. After seeing Ariel and Eric feeding them with seed in their hands Lana though she could give it a go. The female king parrot (green head) immediately bit her finger. Lana MIGHT try it again, but certainly a bit slower. Apparently the biting is training by the bird of the person to get the hand a bit closer.

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