16 October 2005

The Apple Dumpling Gang

Ariel has just finished reading the book "The Apple Dumpling Gang" by Jack M. Bickham. This appears to be the book the Walt Disney film is based on, although most of the movie differed from the book.
This is her review:
I thought the book was really good. First you find out that this guy, John Wintle, is going to the sheriff's office wanting the sheriff, Adam Bricker, to do something for him. He asks the sheriff, "Will you be able to pick up some valuables coming on the coach tomorrow?" The sheriff asks "What type of valuables?" John Wintle answers "personal valuables." The sheriff agrees but wanted to know where Wintle was going. Wintle said San Francisco. Tonight. In about 30 minutes. The sheriff then writes a note to remind himself to go to the coach and sticks it on the moose's antler.
The local editor has been writing about the sheriff, saying he is too old, and gangs are out of control and generally being a nuisance.
The next day the sheriff goes to pick up the valuables and there are five children waiting for him.
So the differences to the movie start piling up. The hero is the sheriff (not a gambler), there are five children from an 18 year old girl down to a 3 year old girl.
The same things?
1. There is Bobby and Clovis - two of the children
2. Clovis kicks people in the shins if you touch him.
3. The Hash Knife gang - Theodore and Amos - just as incompetent as the movie characters.
4. There is a Stillwell gang.
There is no gold mine, no forced marriage (the children encouraged the sheriff to propose to his long time love), no fighting over the children and too many things to mention.
Overall the book is VERY different to the movie and much more enjoyable than the movie. It is worth tracking down.

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