29 October 2005

Ten Good Reasons - and an Eleventh

Often other people stare at us as we pile out of the car reminding them of the Keystone cops, or take more than one table at the restaurant or gather around one or two shopping trolleys. I enjoy the reaction and am always willing to follow the example of Frank Galbreth from Cheaper by the Dozen (the original book and film) and give a hearty smile and show off a little.
Other larger families experience the same reactions so the Population Research Institute created a good list called Ten Great Reasons to have another child. (This link is from another blog - keep scrolling to see the list)

I reckon there is a very important 11th reason:
Because children are funny.
From the time they begin to smile and react to you and for many, many years thereafter children are fun to be around. They look at the world in wonder and with a freshness adults often have lost. Children also do and say the most interesting things. We now record many of them in this blog because they are funny. Such as the things Clare says and does here and here, Rose here and here, James and Peter here, here, and here. As they get older you can do fun stuff together such as here and here. These examples are just from the last couple of months. With a number of children they can all be who they are and take turns being the center of attention.

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