10 October 2005

A small gathering

Yesterday after Mass we visited family friends. There were five families there which meant ten adults and 31 children ranging in age from one to eighteen years of age. We had tasty barbecued sausages and steak for lunch and a variety of desserts for afters. Many of the desserts were from the children's entries into the local agricultural show. The local shows have competitions for livestock and plants and other "agriculural" things, but the pavilion has a plethora of entries covering cooking, crafts and almost anything anyone makes.
A number of the children had entered cakes and artwork winning a variety of prizes. Prizes were typically a ribbon or certificate and a token cash prize of a couple of dollars. Mind you, the children get pretty excited to get such tokens!
Whilst the adults chatted on any topic, ranging from politics, religion and the meaning of life and even controversial topics like football and cricket, the children all went their merry ways. This type of day is always very laid back and extremely enjoyable.
We ended the visit with all the families joining in prayers and then departing into the night.

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