5 October 2005

Settling In

It's now been almost a week and we are pretty well settled in. I have started back helping out my clients, all our bags and boxes are unpacked, Lana's Cross stitch patterns are on the walls, we have food in the pantry and are getting back into a normal sleep pattern.
The trick to avoiding jet lag (or at least minimising its effects) is NOT to go to sleep until it is dark. This meant staying awake from the time we landed at 6:00 am local time to around 6:00pm. So the children stayed awake 48 hours less about 6 hours on the plane. The younger ones fell asleep at various times during the journey, but the older ones did pretty well. We have all been getting to bed early and waking early too.
Lana's mission yesterday was to get her pictures up on the walls. Once they are up we know we are home. Lana and her Mum worked out where they were all to be placed and then Lana's Dad came in to do the deed. He very wisely did other things until the girls had made up their minds! This photo is from the loungeroom showing an old picture we picked up from Vinnies (St Vincent de Paul Op Shop/Thrift store) and reframed surrounded by some of Lana's Cross stitch works. The picture is of two ladies doing some tapestry or cross stitch with a Madonna and child painting in the background.


Cay Gibson said...

I absolutely LOVE the painting.
Wish I could find one.
Whose the artist???

DavidofOz said...

It is a print and this is the original frame. We just replaced the matt and back board.
I have no idea of the title or artist. When the light shines in, it looks as if the light is actually entering into the picture. The ladies yellow and green dresses highlight in the light.