13 October 2005

Sheep, Sheep, everywhere

Sheep are a huge part of the Australian economy and diet. In the part of the US where we lived (Georgia) lamb was uncommon. The main meats were Beef, Pork, Turkey and Chicken.
Here the main meat types are Beef, Lamb, Pork and Chicken. Kangaroo is pretty rare!
This photo was taken from the highway when I travelled to Tumut. All those white spots are sheep (click for a larger photo). As I went on the secondary road to go up the mountain to Tumut I saw a couple of farmers on horseback droving the sheep. It would have made a great photo but there wasn't anywhere to stop. :-(
The land looks very green and first glances indicate that all is well. However those on the land have mentioned that all the green doesn't reflect growth. The grass isn't dense or tall enough to provide much feed for the sheep and cattle - but it is a lot better than brown!. Hopefully the rainfall will continue.
Also, notice the colour of the gum trees. The typical colour of trees in the US in Spring is vibrant bright green. Gum trees (Eucalyptus trees) have blue green leaves which remain all year. Throughout the year the trees drop dead leaves, twigs and branches depending on water supply. This builds up a great wealth of kindling ready for the Summer bushfire season.

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