26 October 2005

All Aboard

Today we had an appointment to join my parents for lunch at McDonalds in Mittagong. The children enjoyed getting their choice from the menu - including desserts - and to play in the playground.
Afterwards we popped into "All Aboard Braemer Model Railways". This is a store run by model railway enthusiasts which includes a number of very detailed working displays, a coffee shop and hobby supplies. Eric wanted to visit for some scenery supplies for his Lord of the Rings wargaming.
As part of the fee to explore the railway displays ($10 a family) the children could do a spotting game. There is a series of about six different sheets with pictures of items to spot amongst the displays. This had all the children peering carefully into each display looking for a sheep, dinosaur, haunted house and lots more. This photo is of Eric just finishing off one of his sheets. Chairs are available so the smaller children can get higher to look further into the displays.

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