8 October 2005

Skeleton Moths on the gate

Lana and the children have restarted their daily walks up to the local General Store/Post Office. The walk combines getting the mail, catching up on local news, going past the playground and nature walk.
Yesterday the children noticed what looked like a leaf on the gate. It was actually a moth. Our research indicates it is probably a Gum Leaf Skeletonizer Moth. Click on the picture for a close up and compare it to the dead gum leaf in the background. How is that for camouflage? Underneath the moth is bright yellow/orange. The hand rails are about 90mm/3.5" wide which means the moth is about 10cm/4" across. Its lower wings are folded under the upper ones.
The caterpillars are hairy and can cause skin reactions and they eat the leaves of eucalyptus/gum trees leaving only skeletal remains. Hence the name!

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