19 October 2005

A claytons dog

Our next door neighbours have a cute friendly little dog called "Ike". (Clare keeps calling him Mike)
As they are not always around, Ike wants company and our place is able to provide lots of company! He arrives here around 8:00am waiting for Lana's parents to awaken so he can accompany them on their morning walk.
Now that the children are here, he gets to join them too! He will take as much petting as you can give him. Here he is assisting us find wombat holes.
He is the dog you have when you don't have a dog. That is why we call him our Claytons dog.
The term "Claytons" is derived from an advertising campaign many years ago for a brand of a non-alcoholic drink. The advertisements basically said this is the drink you can have when you're not having a drink. Pretty quickly this became part of Australian language to describe anything that wasn't really what it purported to be. Such as little mobile hut serving hot food as a claytons restaurant, a large family van as a claytons school bus, and so on.
Here is an example from a news report re a "claytons" marine park, a business providing a virtual secretary, even a government minister criticising an opposition policy as a claytons policy.

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