16 September 2004

iPod and iTunes

How did we survive cooped up in a car for all those miles?
All of our music collection is contained in our iPod - a device containg a 40gb hard disk the size of a cigarette packet.
The music is all in MP3 format, organised in the free iTunes software.
It works on both Windows and Macs and helps to categorise music by author, title, genre, album and so on as well as whatever playlists you can create. We have a playlist for each of the children with their favourite music and all of our audio books and educational CDs.
Whenever we purchase a CD we load it up into iTunes and put the CD away. No scratched or wrecked CDs. We don’t download “free” music from the Internet as there is just too much risk of viruses and spyware. We have purchased some music from the iTunes music store, but most are from CDs.
We even converted lots of our old LP records and singles (remember those big round black things?) and cassettes to MP3. This meant our entire music collection was all on the computer and much easier to transport to the US.
It is played in the car via the audio output through a cassette player.

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