11 September 2004

Day Seven and Eight - Colorado

We had a fun morning getting to know Dennis and Cheryl and then whilst Dennis had to go to work, we went out to Krispy Kreme, Barnes and Noble and a park/playground.
In the January 2004 issue of Bruggie Tales we discussed Krispy Kremes, but Lana still hadn’t been to one. So this was an important cultural icon to visit. We bought two dozen doughnuts, made up of 4 each of a number of flavours. We then cut them into quarters and we all tried them between our host's children and all of us. We were unable to get the fresh hot doughnuts, as the machines go from 5 to 11 AM and PM.
We met Sharon of the Head Office and David was able to show his Denver office to the rest of the family.
Then we went to an amazing place for dinner - Chuck E. Cheese’s. This is a sort of restaurant, but mostly amusement arcade. First you walk in and all members of the family are stamped with an infra red stamp which can only be read under a special light. In this way, children could only leave accompanied by matching adults.
Then you could buy a (quite average) pizza and lots of tokens. These tokens are used in a huge array of game machines. There are also non token entertainments such as huge climbing frame that goes around the room similar to air conditioning ducts, and some climbing frames for toddlers.
It was a riot of noise and colours, children everywhere with parents following them. Some parents also played some of the games and helped their children find ways to use their tokens. One interesting machine was a “sketching” machine. It took a digital photo and then rendered it like a pencil drawing. Peter’s picture on this page is one example.
The Saturday the children just wanted to stay at the hotel and NOT drive anywhere. It was a rest day and we spent the time at the hotel.

Inside Chuck E. Cheese - some dining tables surrounded
by children running around and enjoying themselves.

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