9 September 2004

Day Six - Colorado

This was a slow start. We had done a lot of driving and were basically at our destination. We arrived at Dennis and Cheryl’s home at about midday. We had arranged to stay at their place via an internet email group for homeschooling families with four or more children. David has been on this group for some time and had gotten to know them all pretty well. He had asked who was on the way and we had a couple of volunteers.
Before I could introduce the children, they were already inside playing with our host's children. We had a nice lazy days getting aquanted and we joined them at the eldest boy’s soccer practice.
Dennis was away on business but was able to finish early and arrive home late that evening.

Our Denver host Family (Dennis was at work) - great tour guides
showing us the best places (Krispy Kreme, Barnes & Noble and Playground)

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