5 September 2004

Day Two - Alabama - Mississippi

Being Sunday, we started off at the local Catholic Church. We noticed a couple of families taking a lot more interest in the Mass. Afterwards we saw them chatting outside, so David asked them, “Do you guys homeschool?”. They replied, “Yes”, and we made some new friends. Whilst the children played in the playground, the adults and older children chatted for an hour or so. Then Davin and Janet invited us to their place for Breakfast/Lunch. Their children had been reading about early colonial times and wanted to try out apple and cinnamon pancakes which were included in one of the books. They said that if we were willing to join in their experimental breakfast we were welcome. So Lana helped chop up apples and we all talked while an enormous breakfast of eggs, pancakes, omelette, two types of sausage and the experimental pancakes began to pile up on the table. It was a feast which quickly disappeared once all the children had their fill.

Our Alabaman Family welcomed us into their home after Mass.

It was quite a busy time at their home with their six children and ours in various corners of the house. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we ended up leaving at 4:00 pm - after cancelling our next few nights accommodation bookings.
We zipped across back to the US Space and Rocket Center and bought Lana and her mum’s souvenir pins,(and the hat Peter left behind) then travelled a couple of hours to Corinth, Mississippi (MS).

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