4 September 2004

Day One - Georgia - North Carolina

First stop was to go via Home Depot and picked up this month’s craft kit. Although they hadn’t set up yet, they knew us so just gave us 5 kits and the relevant badges. We checked the post office box and off we went. Because of the mountains in our area, the best route was to hop into North Carolina, across to Tennessee and then down to Alabama. To accompany us we played “The Air Adventures of Biggles”. We found Biggles and other old time radio shows via the internet.
In North Carolina (NC) part of the National Forest Service is the “Ocoee Whitewater Center”. This is a very interesting stretch of river and forest where groups can go whitewater rafting. Groups hire the boats and a guide and with appropriate safety gear go off down the river. At the end (and a few spots on the way for less intrepid souls) buses await the boats to return the customers to their cars at the start. It looked great fun - but not with little ones!

The group at the back is stuck in a still spot and are having great trouble getting back into the stream.

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