16 September 2004

The Colorado Trip 2004

In September 2004 we had the opportunity to go to Colorado for the firm's Christmas party. The party was held early because the Australian MD was in the US at this time. Instead of just flying there with Lana, we decided to use some Vacation time and see some of the US and drive. This is the record of our adventure:

Day 1 - Georgia to North Carolina

Day 1 - Huntsville Space Center, Tennessee to Alabama, (Fireworks & Diesel)
Day 2 - Alabama to Mississippi
Day 3 - Mississippi to Tennessee to Arkansaw to Missouri

Day 3 - Elvis wasn't home
Day 4 - Missouri - Kansas, Kansas (via Russell Stover)
Day 5 - Kansas to Colorado
(& learning how to Mosey), Colorado
Day 6 - Colorado
Day 7&8 - Colorado (Chuck E Cheese), The Christmas Party, Nice Lana Sketch
Day 9 - Colorado to Nebraska (Denver Cathedral)
Day 10 - Nebraska to Iowa to Missouri
Day 11 - Missouri to Illinois (via Hannibal & Mark Twain)
Day 12 - Illinois to Georgia (via Superman and Metropolis)

How did we survive the long hours in the car?
Trek Conculsions.

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