3 March 2006

The Quilt Maker

This is another Lavender and Lace design, "The Quiltmaker". Lana took quite a while to finish but the result was well worth it.

Combining the crafts of cross stitch and quiltmaking with a young daughter at her side, the picture was very appropriate.

The reason Lana is so happy with all these recently framed pictures is that we haven't had any framing done in about eight years. The joy of seeing so many finished works finally on display is contagious for the whole family.

The house becomes more like an art show as each picture is displayed. Stitch by stitch Lana is transforming the house with works of beauty.


Cathy said...

Lana, I've been admiring your work. It is all absolutely beautiful! I also love the shawls!

Friar Suppliers said...

Lana your work is just beautiful. My favorite is the Celtic one but they are all truly exquisite. God bless your wonderful talent!

DavidofOz said...

Of these latest framed pictures my favourite is the Quiltmaker. Celtic Spring is nice too. And the blackwork. Ohh. I think I like all of them after all.

It's just so nice having them framed after all this time.


Karen Edmisten said...

What beautiful work! I'm awed.