18 March 2006

We shouldn't give up Lollies Dad

Clare came up to me yesterday and stated clearly, "We shouldn't give up lollies for Lent Dad."
"We have to prepare for Easter."
"Yes. We shouldn't forgive up lollies."
"We give up something and do something good too. What should we do?"
"I give one Barbie I don't want to Ariel. And some clothes to go with it."
"On your birthday [coming soon] we will have lollies as it is a very special occasion."
Phew. Worked out what was in her mind behind her thoughts. We have a tradition for birthdays of placing lollies underneath bowls in the morning. When the children awake, with the birthday person sitting in DAD's chair, they get to enjoy the surprise of a selection of lollies under their plate. Now Clare knows that will still happen, she is OK.

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