17 October 2006

Having your say

We really enjoy our readers' comments on Bruggietales. They let us know our entries are being enjoyed and provided some useful information or entertainment. If you have enjoyed a post or want further information or want to add your own experience, please record your comments. It's pretty easy to do.

What makes a good comment?
Any that is relevant to the post, fit for family viewing, and respectful of all of our readers. We have no problems with disagreements with content so long as it is done with respect and no discouragement of the author or any other commenter. Pretty simple really.

Until today we had a very open comments policy only requiring word verification to stop spam (which worked well).

Unfortunately we have now had to introduce Comment Monitoring. This means every comment will need to be approved before appearing on the post. One reader from near Dahlonega Georgia using an Alltel connection had a jolly time last night (US time) over the space of about two hours making a collection of snarky comments all over the blog. Naturally, they were all anonymous which reduced the chance of any interaction to zero.

So now, when you make a comment, its appearance may be delayed until it is approved.


patternnuts said...

so sorry to hear about that. :(

Anonymous said...

sorry that this happened to you. Some people have way too much time on their hands.
also hope that this comment doesn't come up on your email several times. I've switched to Beta and am having problems logging on.

DavidofOz said...

If it works out that comments are OK, we will probably try turning moderation off again, but for the moment we'll just see how it goes.
How are you finding Beta? Is that how you get the nifty Archive bit on the side of your page?

Anonymous said...

I believe so in answer to your last question :-). I am not technology savvy and basically started my blog in order to be better at it. I like the look better but it's harder to post photos, and comment on other blogs (I'm posting under "other" now instead of "blogger" as it is much easier). My logon was changed automatically which I did not realize would happen. Once I get used to it and find out what I'm doing wrong I should be fine. It will take me awhile.

Anonymous said...

That is such a shame. I really do like how clearly you have laid out the Comments Ground Rules though.