1 October 2006

Ready for Mass

Today I made Ariel wear a different outfit to Mass so I could take a photo.
This ensemble was obtained from Vinnies (an Australian Thrift Store) for a combined cost of $2.00 ($1.50 US). Initially Ariel thought the different reds wouldn't match, but I thought they went well.
My colour co-ordination opinion rates quite low, but Lana also approved so it must have been OK.


yesterthoughts said...

What a fabulous outfit. Ariel looks modest and so lovely! I also applaud your bargain.. thrift stores are my favorite.

Alice Gunther said...


Cathy said...

I once bought a black jacket with white threading at a thrift store for maybe a couple of dollars. It was probably ten to twenty years old. A pharmaceutical rep thought it was Donna Karan. I figure if it had been, it would have cost $500 to $1000. No one has to know it's second hand. ;-)