12 October 2006

Boots black

Somehow it has ended up as my job to polish the shoes and boots. Maybe it has happened because I always wear black shoes and while I am doing mine I get the honour of doing more.
While my shoes only need a touch up here and there, I captured this image to show you the before and after view of the boys' shoes.
This is a pair of Peter's boots. Can you guess which one is before applying a healthy dose of boot polish?
This style of boot wasn't available in the US. As this is the main style of boots the boys ever wear, one of my missions when I returned to Australia on business was to buy three pairs of boots.
(And lollies too as you can see from my stash I brought home)


Nissa said...

Cor, Blimey David! That's quite a haul of lollies!

Boots look nice too by the way... ;-)

DavidofOz said...

I was certainly very welcome when I came home with a stash like that!