18 October 2006

Catch the Wind

Catch the Wind is the first design I stitched from Lavender and Lace/ Butternut Road Designs by MLI. I stitched it back in 1994 when Ariel and Eric wasted their time watching Play School and Sesame Street on Television. This was before we turned the thing off and let the children play.
It is stitched on 32 count offwhite linen. We have been taking photos of most of the completed and framed cross stitches that I have done over the years. Since this chart was done, I have completed six other of her large designs and five of the smaller or free designs she has on her website. Mum has also stitched about ten of her designs, making our houses mini Lavender and Lace display homes!


patternnuts said...

So beautiful Lana!

Nissa said...


It's absolutely beautiful! Takes my breath away!



DavidofOz said...

Hi Adriana
It just goes to show how long we have known each other!
We will be posting a number of Lana's earlier works over the next few weeks. That should provide even more memories!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lana!! This is such a work of art...It is so beautiful....ALL of your work is so very oh...no words! It's just GREAT!! :o) I hope you are feeling well these days!
Sent with a prayer!