3 October 2006

One year already? Egads!

With great amazement we realised that we have been home one year already. After two years and three months living in the US we returned home last September, wondering how we would settle back in to the old life.
Surprisingly the transition was very quick and efficient. As we came back to our old house and all my existing clients, the intervening time overseas (the Australian term for International) quickly became a collection of fond memories. We became very grateful that I had decided to record our adventures in Bruggie Tales as we now had a great history of our time away. The children and us are able to go back through the blog and reminisce our time spent in a strange land and the wonderful people we met and with whom we became friends.
Our arrival was a short post, but the return experience, with all of it's challenges travelling with around 30 suitcases and 6 children and 30 hours from start to finish is recorded in some detail. The September 2005 page has all the details, jsut scroll down for all the adventures.
If you have ever wondered how that much people and packages would work, this is a great way to learn how we did it. And survived with enough good memories to want to try it again for a holiday in 3 years time with nine people.

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Alice Gunther said...

It is amazing that it has been a year already. It seems only yesterday you and your family were here and the children playing happily in our yard! We were so blessed to have been a quick stop along your historic journey.