25 October 2006

Graeme Ross

By Lana
This design is called Bankside by an Australian designer Graeme Ross.
I started stitching this design whilst pregnant with Ariel and completed it while she sat beside me and I talked to her.
Wow! That was a long time ago.
This picture has moved with us and adorned the walls of many houses until we finally settled down here. We found that the collection of pictures I have created over the years quickly converted a rental house into a home.
We even brought a number with us to the US. The earliest items we unpacked were the pictures, which were promptly hung onto the walls, so we could say, "Now we are home."


Suzanne Temple said...

It's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lana, I was just wondering with all those gorgeous kids, do you still have time to cross stitch. I recently started home schooling the youngest 2 of my 5 children and am finding no time to stitch, when there is time Im too tired!!! How do you cope? Any tips? I came across your blog a few weeks ago and look forward to your posts every day. Thanks. Lisa

DavidofOz said...

Hi Lisa.
Now that my Mourning Sickness is over, I usually stitch in the afternoon once schoolwork is over. I also stitch during schoolwork when I have to sit around while they do their schoolwork. See our entry on the Maths Quiz - it shows me cross stitching whilst the children are doing their quizzes.
We have had a few questions about our "curriculum" and we'll do a post shortly.