23 October 2006

Another Gathering

As mentioned yesterday, we enjoyed an 18th Birthday Bushdance on Saturday.
The good thing about this type of affair is that all the family are part of the party. The older children get to dress up and dance with plenty of other youth of all ages. The younger ones play together in the neighbouring park or just enjoy their friends' company.
While the excellent dance caller was getting ready and testing his equipment, some of the girls tested the dance floor with specially designed spins, twirls and giggling. I actually caught the young lady in the red dress in mid air with a huge smile!
Once it was too dark to play outside almost all the children joined in the dancing. This photo is a sample of a couple of pairs of youngsters enjoying the dancing and prancing.
By 9:30pm it was announced: "Clean up time" and even though families with little children departed, there were plenty of hands to make light work of the night's final duties. At Mass the next day we spoke to a number of the older children that attended who had stayed locally overnight. They all participated in the choir which certainly surprised the priest. As he entered the church he expected a small and quiet congregation. The choir began to sing with additional musical accompaniment and Father's face just beamed with pleasure and surprise.

Update: The previous dance in July is reported here.

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