11 October 2006

Talking to Grandma

We recently celebrated Peter's birthday. Birthdays are always special and we are lucky to celebrate so many of them during the year.
Here is a summary of a typical birthday.
Overnight I lay the table with breakfast bowls covering a selection of lollies (candy) in each person's place. The birthday child's favourite cereal is on the table and any presents are placed in MY place. Yes, that's right. The birthday child gets to sit in MY chair for the whole day. It's quite an honour.
The birthday child also gets to choose their favourite dinner.
Sometime during the day Grandma and Opa (Lana's parents) and Just Grandma(*) and Grandpa (my parents) call on the phone and wish and/or sing Happy Birthday.
Naturally enough, when the grandparents call, all the children want to talk to them. This photo is of Rose listening to Just Grandma and nodding her answers. Unfortunately, it isn't a video phone so the conversation tends to be one sided.

(*) My mum has been called "Just Grandma" since Ariel was three years old. We had started calling her Grandma Bruggie, but she said to Ariel, "No, just Grandma is fine." That was it. When Peter read the card Mum and Dad had sent, James commented, "Just Grandma spelled her name wrong. It only has Grandma."


patternnuts said...

Too cute!
We have a Geeky and Mammy, a Beefy and Grandma, along with the others referred to as Grandma and the appropriate last name. (They too originated around the age of two or so.)
Happy Birthday Rose!

patternnuts said...

So Sorry- Happy (belated) Birthday Peter!

DavidofOz said...

That's OK patternnuts. When one person has a birthday here, everyone celebrates!

Anonymous said...

That is just too cute!

patternnuts said...

thank you... :)