28 October 2006

The benefit of Grandparents.

Lana's parents returned from their six month Winter Exodus about ten days ago. Without wasting much time, the boys handed Dad their construction requests.
James wanted a Machine Gun - no, wait - a Sumarai sword. "Me too," added Peter. "And me," prompted Eric.
"Well," replied Dad, ""Give me a pattern of what you want and we'll see."
Yesterday was the revealing of some fine craftsmanship. He used wood for the blade, a circle of wood cut for the hilt and a piece of PVC piping for the handle with a slot to strengthen and support the blade, all sturdily screwed and glued together. You will note from the photo that each sword is designed to be the right height for each lad, with the hilt at each lad's waist.
The boys very proudly lined up to display their new weapons.
Note how straight, shaped and smooth the sword has been made. Any imperfections in the wood have been patched and rectified. The boys are very happy their grandfather is home!
Meanwhile, Clare and Rose have recommenced their morning ritual of wandering from our house to theirs, knocking at the front door and being invited in for morning tea and biscuits (cookies).
Hooray for Grandparents, we all say!


Anonymous said...

My sons would be so jealous! Those look awesome! We and my parents also live on the same property. My little ones have a similar morning ritual.

JoAnna said...

OH and Jacob will also be jealous! He's in an interesting historical swordmanship class that meets a few Sunday afternoons a month and just LOVES it. It's run by a local re-inactment camp owner's sons. www.campflintlock.com

They use PVC swords covered in foam and then have a fabric sleeve over the foam. It still hurts, however!

Suzanne Temple said...

Those are terrific! And such handsome lads!!

Anonymous said...

I love that each sword is made specifically for each child, now that is love! Here from the CFL.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

What would this world be like without Grandparents? That's great that they live so close by!

Love the photos! The top one reminds me of a Cingular commercial!

Here via Carnival of Family Life.

Anonymous said...

Wow, those look awesome. My boys are going to be soo envious. Your dad isn't taking orders, is he? :D