2 October 2006

Ariel in the Kitchen

Yesterday we celebrated the first anniversary of our return from the US. To commemorate the occasion we invited our homeschooling neighbours over and shared a lamb roast. (yum)
As a treat we had two American desserts. The first was Peach Cobbler topped with ice cream and cream. Tthe recipe for Berry Cobbler is here - we just used peaches instead of berries. The second dessert will be our next post - Pecan slice.
Ariel was in charge of making the dinner with some assistance from Eric. This was a good opprtunity to show another "Style of Ariel".
A simple green T-shirt with bone coloured skirt (a dangerous colour to wear in the kitchgen) with an inexpensive large red bow in her hair. Also her feet matched wonderfully with her "Emperor's new slippers".
Just out of photo range is Rose "helping" by licking the mixing spoon (and putting it back in for a second or third go while I was distracting Ariel.)

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