23 October 2006

Wedding Present and Culture Exchange

by Lana
I read a few cross stitch forums and blogs and on one of them we have a small group. This group has a few exchanges during the year. One exchange just completed was a culture exchange.
We were to make a small item with a picture of a magnificent building or scene from our country.
Being a young country,
Australia was quite difficult. We don't really have many magnificent buildings and of the ones we have not many of them are charted in cross stich or were of the right size for the exchange. We had to be a little creative to work something out.
Here is a picture of what we sent to Germany. The bookmark was stitched by Ariel and I made the needleroll. You can also see what Selina thought of it on her blog.
Selina was recently married so I stitched the happy couple a little picture as a gift. I didn't have it ready in time for the wedding and sent it along with the exchange items as a little extra surprise.
The design also included a duckling which I left out to just have the two bears, I added a few more flowers in to replace the duck and framed it myself with some matt boards we had here. It worked out quite well.
The trickiest part was making sure it all fit into a strong enough box and be under the postal weight limit.


Dawn B. said...

All are great but where ever did you find the flag pattern. you can leave me an answer on my blog comments..Please

Bretta said...

Lovely work, ladies! As always...