15 July 2006

A Mask, A Dress, A Birthday and a Full House

Today we attended an 18th birthday party for one of our homeschool friends. This was not just a little party. It was a masked fancy party at the local village hall. Around 270 people were invited, mostly homeschoolers and some family friends.
Lana and Ariel spent the last two weeks creating a dress and cape for Ariel and a black cape for Eric. The dress is based on a pattern similar to that worn by Arwen in the Lord of the Rings movies. This photo gives you a good idea of the end product. (you can click the photo for a more detailed look.) Also, note the very custom created mask on the lad on the left. He forgot a mask, so he quickly found some tape, paper, punched few holes and taped it to his head.
Everyone naturally started with masks, but they lasted about 30 minutes before they were set aside. Country dancing was enjoyed by many, great food was available and fine socialisation was had by all. There were a number of babies who were at times with their mothers and at other times hijacked by these young ladies, dressed in all their finery.
Families travelled from four hours North, two to three hours west and some from six hours South. Tonight there are many full houses. We have thirteen extra people staying, making a total of 21 people. Although we have an extra toilet in the barracks, it is a bit cold there so we are all sharing the one toilet and bathroom. It's good fun.

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jodi said...

The dress is absolutely beautiful.