4 July 2006

How to gain reading time

Rose can be a fussy little sleeper. Settling down can be a challenge, but we have discovered that the secret is to hold her hand until she stops. Once she stops she drops off to sleep.
However if Lana is doing the hand holding
she mucks around and just wants to play.
So we have made a deal with Ariel. If she does the nightly duty, she gains an equal amount of time as bonus reading time. Here she is, very happy that she is able to read "just one chapter more".
As Ariel is growing she is reading a wider variety of books, including some Science Fiction selected from the remnants of my once large collection. When I analysed my own world views some years ago I realised that many of the SF books I had read and kept were basically poison for the mind and threw out about 90% of my library. The remainder however are a fascinating look into worlds and strange situations which is now appealing to a new generation.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to hear more on your SF discerning process and what did or did not make the cut...

Diana said...

It always feels good when you find something that works well and resolves a couple issues in one! Congrats! And thanks for sharing with the Carnival of Family Life #9

Mama Duck said...

Excellent idea, thanks for sharing with the carnival!