31 July 2006

The 19th Carnival of Children's Comedy

Kim of Life in a Shoe is hosting the 19th Carnival of Children's Comedy. Kim also points out an article written by a career woman who reckons her children are so boring that it makes sense to minimise her valuable time with them. In the article she says, "I love my children as much as anyone, but ..."
Our children have learned that her statement could not possibly be true. You can't truly love someone unless you know them. As this lady has forgone the opportunity of knowing her children, naturally she finds them boring as they have no shared experiences, nothing in common.
As readers of Bruggietales have probably guessed, we enjoy the company of our children. Boring is not a word we would use to describe the times we spend with the children discovering the world - and for us rediscovering the world through new eyes.

Our post of Clare's bed time avoidance schemes and Queenmaking are included in the carnival.


patternnuts said...

Years ago I had read a little article, people having sent in letters to the parenting magazine. (I forget which one.)
This one woman wrote in , and very plainly said how she valued the children, hers in particular, should not be seen or heard really and was the absolute coldest thing I had ever seen in print. She was talking of sending kids away to boarding school and was very much in favor of it. I was shocked. I cannot imagine not being an active part in my childrens lives....

As with this career woman:Maybe her take on interests is what holds her back. I do not share all the things that others within the family do, but I value their enjoyment of it. (The look and the smile of a child that accomplishes something is great.)
Spaeking of which Sarah has learned how to blow bubbles with her bubble gum -it has been a summer long activity. She is thrilled! And I am thrilled for her...

RennyBA said...

Thanks for this post to emphasize the important of taking your time with the children. I'm so disagree with Kim and so agree with you. How can we make a better world if we don't give our children all the attention they deserve? And your blog is an excellent example of how to show love and care and affection to your children. That's why I like to read your blog regularly.
BTW: I saw you where nominated to Blogs of Summer. You got my vote of course and I wish you the very best luck:-)

DavidofOz said...

Thanks for the vote Renny. If anyone else would like to vote go to "Blogs of Summer Random Cluster#5". It was nice to see Bruggietales nominated as a Summer blog when we are in the depths of Winter.