9 July 2006

Why does Lana find this funny?

We stumbled on to this video of an Australian comedy group called Tripod singing a song, "Make you Happy Tonight".
Although this is presented from a guy's point of view, I was thinking I could just use some of Lana's classic lines:
"I just need to finish this colour" or
"I'm almost at the end of the chapter" [of my audio book] or
"I was just doing another thread whilst the chapter finished and I need to finish the thread" (Do you detect a loop here?)
Of course, I would never do this.
[Lana: "Yes, dear."]


RennyBA said...

Long time, so I just thought I should say hello from Norway again to you down under:-) Thinking of you having winter time as we are enjoying the summer and its really nice and hot in the Nordic now. Have a great Sunday!
Btw: Thanks for sharing the funny video!

Anonymous said...

LOL - I'm sending this to my sister! This describes her husband very well! Very, very funny!