23 July 2006


Lana recently finished "Stargazer" by Mirabilia. This is another design with lots of beads and the face and hands done one-over-one. (You can get more detail clicking on either picture.)
If you look towards the top there are some large beads (called "Pebbles") which contrast with the normal smaller beads, and then some "petite" beads to really make for some variety.
As I have been away working in Sydney, no-one was around to tell Lana to go to bed on time, so she was able to do lots of Cross stitch and listen to several large audio books. This "dedication" meant that the pattern was finished in under four weeks!
She listened to King Solomon's Mines by H Rider Haggard and Emma by Jane Austen (again!)
The material is hand dyed material by Stitches and Spice called "Bell Bottom Blues". This is the same as Lana used for Fairy Moon but from a different dye lot so is a slightly different shade.


Anonymous said...

Just fabulous, well done :)

patternnuts said...

beautiful Lana, absolutely beautiful!

Mary Alice said...

I came over from Bonny Glen and I am really enjoying your blog. This needlework is amazing!