29 July 2006

Clare is too sick to sleep now

by Ariel

When we went to bed one night Clare thought of a new excuse to delay bedtime, "I am very sick"
I told her to close her eyes and go to sleep it would make her better
Clare replied, "I am way too sick."
Me: "So you're going to die then?"
Clare quickly answered, "I'm not that sick, I am only half way too sick."

Next night Clare was in her bed next to mine with one of her legs out of the banket pointing straight up to the ceiling and announced, "I am the Queen of Genovia!" (She's obviously thinking of The Princess Diaries)
Distracted, I replied, "Are you now?" then I turned over and saw her leg in the air.
"You are going to have to put your leg back in."
"But that is what makes me Queen of Genovia!"

[David: For some it takes a sword in a lake, others require a crown, Clare just requires her leg in the air.]


patternnuts said...

Hee he, she is too funny!
Wonder what the king would have to do .....

Stephanie Appleton said...

It is amazing the things they think of to stall at bedtime!

Mom2fur said...

Clare is a funny kid. But I'm a little partial to any kid who has the same name as me...and spells it the same way, too! Go, Clare!