25 July 2006

Snow. Snow. We must see snow.

What does snow taste like?
After the Tumut Broom Factory we went to the nearby Mt Selwyn snowfields. By nearby, I mean 98km (61 miles) away on windy roads. The snowfields are having pretty terrible business this year with little snow actually falling. It is cold enough, but the snow's not coming. A headline from the Canberra paper this weekend was "There's no business like No snow business".

How far did I fall?

So to stay in business there is lots of snow - man made. (or rather machine made)
This is fine for us as all we want is enough to throw, create snowmen, get cold and realise why we like the snow, but not enough to live in it.
The first thing James did was create a body shaped trench for himself. It looks as though he fell from a height and landed "thump!" in the snow.
Clare thought she would see what snow tastes like. Her thoughtful response, "It tastes like ice, Daddy."
"Do you want to take some home?" I asked cheekily.
"Daaaad!" Clare replied, "It will melt."

Faster! Push Faster!

We had a race between the boys and girls to make a snowman. Actually Clare insisted that the girls should make a snow girl, as they were girls. They found grass for hair and made a dress, whilst the boys made a snow man sitting down on a chair with legs and arms and the lot. We won.
Meanwhile James went to help another girl who was making a fort out of snow. He asked her if she was using her toboggan and she said we could use it. Woohoo! We all were able to give tobogganning (is there enough double letters in that word?) a go.
To prepare for this snow trip Lana had been scouring the local Op shops (Thrift stores) for snow gear, and we borrowed some from friends. We arranged for hotel accomodation and a day off work for myself. The drive to the mountain was a two hour return trip. After an hour and a half actually in the snow, everyone was satisfied (or cold and whiny) and we made our way back to the hotel.
Still, on balance, I prefer snow being at a reasonable distance from home rather than something like this outside our house when we lived in Georgia. We're glad we didn't live further North in the US! Brrr!

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