8 July 2006

Hmmm. Australian Doughnuts.

Today the children had a treat of some doughnuts. This reminded me how surprised we were at the US version of doughnuts we experienced during our stay there.
US doughnuts are typically coated completely with a very thin icing. (We showed how Krispy Kreme doughnuts were made back in January 2004.)
The two main types of Australian doughnuts are iced and cinnamon. The iced ones have coloured icing on the top allowing you to actually hold the doughnut without getting sticky fingers.
Cinnamon ones are rolled in a sugar and cinnamon mix as soon as they are popped out of the fryer. Lana reckons they are nicest hot and fresh.
Rose here is trying to work out how to point at the doughnuts as per the B-Where's instructions.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, how scrumptious...Rose and the doughnuts. LOL

Rose should just do as St. Therese the Little Flower would and "choose all!" :)