10 July 2006

Daggie Dogfoot

I have just completed reading Daggie Dogfoot by Dick King-Smith to the children. In the US it is called Pigs Might Fly. This is a delightful tale of a little runt (called a dag in Gloucester) who has malformed front feet that look like paws, hence the nickname "Daggie Dogfoot".
In an amazing turn of events and blind perseverence Daggie survives his first few hours of life and his adoring mother, Mrs Barleylove, expects great things of him.
Of course, when reading aloud, I must put on lots of different voices and accents for each character. Normally this goes down pretty well, but for one character I messed up and slipped from an upper class English accent, to a broad Welsh accent, to an American accent and then back to Welsh. Oh, the ribbing I received from the older children. But they did enjoy the book! I last read this when Ariel was about seven years old, so it was new to all the other children and a great re-read for Ariel.

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