12 July 2006

Signs of the Times

On our visit to the gorge on Sunday we noticed these signs.
I must congratulate the designers of these signs as they are pretty self explanatory. The children all could tell what they meant in an instant.

The first is obviously "Don't get too close to the edge or you'll fall off."
Or perhaps it is "Be careful throwing the ball too high. If you jump to catch it you may miss more than the ball."

The B Where's boys also pointed out sights at the gorge here and here and here.

The next sign is probably telling us, "If you play tag don't push the leader over the edge."
or perhaps, "Run faster as you get closer to the edge of the rocks."
or maybe it is something like the tongue twister, "Round the Ragged Rocks the Ragged Rascals Ran"
or "If one falls over be quick to catch him".


Kim C. said...

Thanks for the laugh!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's the slippery slope we keep hearing about in political arguments!