23 July 2006

Croup Remedies

We have just returned from a short time away in Tumut. I worked and the rest of the family explored and played - more on that in later posts.
This winter we have been able to avoid most illnesses, which, as any large family will tell you, is a marvellous thing. Now we are finally catching some winter "lurgies".
Clare has a running nose and whiny temperament, typical of some sort of cold. Rose and her play together constantly so we knew she would also come down with something soon. Last night at around 1:00am we heard the horrible hacking cough that means Croup. This is not the first time we have heard this so there was no panic. The cough sounds as if the child is close to death.
Lana picked Rose up and went into the bathroom, closed the door and turned on the hot water into the bath. The steam is what we wanted. The bath was so we wouldn't waste the water. You can get steamers which do the same thing for a pretty low cost.
After about half an hour in the steam, Lana had a quick look on the 'Net and discovered that cold air can help too. The cold air helps reduce the inflammation or expansion of the airways, meaning easier breaths. So they both rugged up and went for a walk in the chilly night air. It worked beautifully.
The night time stroll happened again at around 4:00am, and then at 8:00am Ariel took Rose for a walk around the block whilst Lana slept.
So now we have a happy wide awake little girl, and Lana fast asleep in bed.

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patternnuts said...

a pillow or something placed underneath her mattress will help too. Just be sure and not put any vapor type medicine on her before taking her outdoors...
Oh yes, we have had this in the house before!
Get well soon!