19 August 2005

Why I like Macs

Look what I can press Dad!

See the big button.
It's bright and blue.
It's right at my height.
Flashing lights are on both its sides.
What happens if I press here?

This photo was just after Rose pressed the reset button on the UPS (Uninterruptible [except Rose] Power Supply), shutting off all power to the computer. That has a lovely little red button, slightly recessed so it feels fun to press.

On the Mac Mini the power button is at the rear of the box, the box is small enough to sit on the table and it needs a little more oomph than just a casual press. And it is out of sight of enquiring fingers. The CD/DVD drawer has no button and all the cables are at the rear. PC World listed the power button at the rear as a fault. They obviously don't have young children.

By the way, the photo wasn't set up. Whilst I was at the other end of the room she went for the button. I quickly grabbed the camera and snapped. Then we discussed the situation with her.

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