7 August 2005

Hot Hot Hot again

The Suburban's air conditioning failed again. :-( Obviously something is lurking in the complicated airconditioning system which is stopping the flow of the cool air and building up pressure to blow the compressor, or the seals. At least we are learning lots about how air conditioning systems work. (or should work, anyway)

We had to go to Atlanta and were glad to get out after a two and a half hour drive. Then it was only a short 10 minute drive to the bakery. But now we were taking some time off to visit Birmingham, Alabama to visit the EWTN television station.
You may recall last time when the system first failed and stranded us in Chatanooga, and how the children were very hot. So if it didn't work, we weren't turning it on. So all we had was 4WD air conditioning (4 Windows Down).

Perhaps they are more used to travelling in the heat this time but the children handled it very well. They had plenty of water and nibblies like grapes and some lollies (candy). This photo is Rose after some lollies (therefore sticky) with grapes stuck to the outside of her nose. We will have to show this at her 21st birthday party one day.

We stopped at the Alabama visitor's center and found out about a science museum with lots of hand on exhibits for the children. The Vistor's Centers are normally staioned just across each State's border on the main interstate highways - roads that start with and I such as I24, I75, I20 and so on. The staff are always helpful and some have special activities for the children to do in the car. Ariel has learned to just go right up and ask them, as the activities are rarely on display.

We ended up the day at the McWane Center and we were all very happy to get into somewhere cool and airconditioned.

I had left the GPS in the car whilst we visited the Science Center and when we returned it must have been too hot. Once it found some satellites, it kept telling us we were about 30 miles North or just below Atlanta or anywhere but where we actually were. Luckily we knew where we had to go but it was interesting seeing my GPS calculated speed - over 400mph. Even the GPS didn't like the heat!

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Anonymous said...

I have lived here in the USA for my entire life. I have seven children, with whom I frequently travel, and I have never even THOUGHT of stopping at a visitor's center to ask for kid friendly activities.