29 August 2005

Scott Hogsed Memorial Day 4

We then listened to some First Aid instructions given by an Australian chap that is part of the local Ambulance/Search and Rescue unit. Lana and I enjoyed listening to this fellow that sounded a lot like us. It was fascinating. He was originally from a small Australian country town, attended school in Meblourne, joined the army and ended up in lots of places around the Pacific ending up in North Carolina. Another member of the Australian Diaspora.
The main lesson was BREATH - Be prepared/Buddy system, Relax, Environment, ABC (airway, breathing, circulation), Treatment and Help. We had forgotten the "T" word so asked one of the other crew members. He had to look it up! I thought this was supposed to help one remember!
The next station explained about how the elk are being reintroduced to North Carolina. The picture above shows the size of an elk head. The skull you can see on the left is from a cougar - one of the elk's natural enemies, but not actually a local one.

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JoAnna said...

Hi David!

I read the comment about the elk re-introduction in NC. Well, while we were on vacation recently, we saw a mounted elk head in a mountain-theme furniture store just across the state-line of NC (TN). That thing was HUGE! The head alone (with part of its neck attached) was as tall as my oldest son and he's about 5 ft. 5 inches. So they may re-introduce them here but, man, I would hate to run into one of them in a bad mood! We'd be a shish-ka-bob on his antlers!