9 August 2005

On a mission

Lana wants to complete her collection of DMC needlework threads so she can then complete all her unfinished cross stitch patterns. First, I created a spreadsheet which listed all the colours with the relevant DMC numbers and then Lana entered what each pattern required from the relevant patterns obtained from the appropriate web site. Then I loaded this into my organiser for when we were next at the store.
As the threads are only 24 cents per skein at Walmart that was the best place to buy them, but they are scanned through the checkout ONE at a time. I was at the checkout for about 30 minutes, with some useful assistance from some boys from the family next in line, getting 362 skeins of thread scanned. The receipt was 50" (127 cm) long!

Update: Added the photo of all the DMC skeins piled up in the middle of the long receipt. The pile of threads caused interesting looks on the face of the checkout lady, and the customers behind me in the line. After all, my trolley/buggy/cart looked pretty empty, then I unloaded the stash!

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Anonymous said...

Hello to Lana from EMS/ Linabear message board(s). ;)

I have to say that it'd be interesting to see that shopping situation. *lol* I really giggled when I read this post.

But stitcher got to do what stitcher got to do. ;)