25 August 2005

Did the earth move for you?

Lana and I just felt the house shake. It was only a little nudge, but it wasn't the washing machine or dishwasher as they weren't on. It wasn't big enough to affect anything in the house, but the house definitely wobbled.
We looked up the US Government earthquake site and there was a small earthquake in Eastern Tennessee not too far from here (about 60 miles) last night. It was only a 1.6 magnitutude quake.
Perhaps this was a distant rumble of that one?
It was odd having the floor wobble.

Update: It was an earthquake! An earthquake of magnitude 3.8 about 90 miles from here at 11:09pm local time. Exactly when we felt the house jiggle. This map shows where people felt the earthquake. (You can click the picture for a larger version.)

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