7 August 2005

Our quick trip is over

We had planned on visiting the Huntsville Rocket and Space Center but it was just too hot. So we went home after EWTN. It must have been hot as the GPS started being silly again. It thought we were in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico and travelling 1,933mph. We turned it off and let it rest for a while.
After a spot of rain it was a little cooler and this time the GPS and I agreed on our location and speed.
For only a short trip we were pleasantly surprised at the number of compliments we received about the children. The consulate, customers and owner of the bakery, visitors at the hotel, a customer at the restaurant and a few people at EWTN all made a point of complimenting us on our family and how the children were so well behaved. It's gratifying to know that something seems to be working.
It was really nice sleeping in our own beds in the cool and quiet house.

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