23 August 2005

Marie Bellet

We have just purchased the three albums of Marie Bellet. I heard her being interviewed by Steve Wood of dads.org and they played a few of her songs.
Marie is a mother of eight or so children and her songs center around life, family, love and faith. Each CD came with a CD slip containing the words for the songs, so Ariel wanted to listen to them all and read along.
I made this task a lot easier when I remembered to turn off shuffle and play them in album and song order! Previously Ariel was listening carefully to the opening words and hurriedly flipping through the three booklets to find the right song.

The lyrics and music are uplifting and refreshing.
On her CD "What I wanted to say" the title song had these lines:

She said: Excuse me please, are these all yours?
You've really got your hands full, that's for sure
Tell me, when do you get time for you?
You know there's so much more that a woman can do.

Lana and I just laughed at hearing this. We get these questions all the time and to hear it in a song was good to hear.

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