19 August 2005

Oh the joy to see!

We picked up James' glasses yesterday and today was his first school day using them.
"Everything's closer!" he exclaimed.
In this photo he is reading his McGuffey's Reader and finding it a lot easier.
The glasses are only for reading and close in work, but he is not as reluctant to get into it now.
Today's lesson VII from the Second Eclectic Reader:


1. Once there was a little kitty,
White as the snow;
In a barn he used to frolic,
Long time ago.

2. In the barn a little mousie
Ran to and fro;
For she heard the little kitty,
Long time ago.

3. Two black eyes had little kitty,
Black as a crow;
And they spied the little mousie,
Long time ago.

4. Four soft paws had little kitty,
Paws soft as snow;
And they caught the little mousie,
Long time ago.

5. Nine pearl teeth had little kitty,
All in a row;
And they bit the little mousie,
Long time ago.

6. When the teeth bit little mousie,
Mousie cried out "Oh!"
But she slipped away from kitty,
Long time ago.

I just thought this was an interesting poem. I like verse 5 - it shows that is was written some time ago.

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