7 August 2005

Australian Bakery Cafe

As we were in Atlanta anyway, we made sure we popped in to the Australian Bakery Cafe. We had visited their other store in Marietta but this time we were able to meet the other business partner, John McLaughlin - and eat some yummy meat pies, sausage rolls and some cakes and desserts.

Our chap from the Australian Consulate told us to tell John to give us a 15% discount because he goes there all the time. John did give us a good deal and we had a great time.
Lana spent some time explaining ALL of the Australian chocolates sitting on the shelf to an American visitor. He looked at Lana in amazement at her knowledge - and obvious enjoyment - of the chocolates and said, "You should go into selling Aussie candy on the side! You know all about them"
The store is adjacent to a driveway leading to rear parking. Faced with a long blank wall, he thought of doing a mural. An aboriginal artist was visiting and John asked if she would like to design the mural. She did and the mural has lots of Australian themes including over five hundred hand prints - all from local children, visitors and even a dog or two.

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